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The Faniuolo core business is the party and event lighting installation. The lighting architectures are designed by a team of designers which deal with cutting-edge design systems.
Drawing and sketch cataloging, archiving and computer storage is make careful, also because some papers date back to the early XX century.
The company organization calls for the design, assembly and testing, disassembly, transportation; in the last stages, architectures disassembly and transportation. It is worth mentioning the storage of each piece in large and stocked warehouses.
Each planning, design, construction and installation stage is meant to be logistically best suited to each situation. The area covered by Faniuolo's activity is widespread and broadens out in Italy and abroad.
In order to expand its market across the world, the company is increasing its workforce, setting their storage and maintenance systems, designing and developing new architectural forms and improving production and security systems. The staff is supported by consultants dealing with organizing and controlling the quality and developing new marketing and communication strategies.